You are so spot-on, Erika. Trying different psych meds IS inhumane. I’ve been on every medication known to humankind, it seems. Prozac has worked for me for the most part for 10 plus years. I’m also on daily Klonopin, which has helped with my anxiety, but now that my psychiatrist has retired, I am finding doctors will not prescribe benzodiazpines anymore. Talk about cruel.

Yesterday I saw a psychiatrist who wanted me to “wean” off Klonopin in a week’s time. I’ve been in a state of panic ever since; didn’t sleep last night and can’t function today. I didn’t mean to bring this all back to myself, but I do feel you and I’m so sorry you’re going through what feels like a f@*g pipe dream. I really hope you find the right medication(s). Mental illness is no joke. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Unfortunately, though, my worst enemy is me. There I go again, bringing it back to myself. Hang in there.

Writer. Advocate. Truth seeker. Perpetually curious over-analyzer.

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